About Us

We have been present for over 45 years in the field of umbrellas and we boast over twenty years experience in that of belts and braces.

Traditionally engaged in the manufacture of umbrellas, the commitment of the Valentino Sardella culminated today in the constant search for innovative products ready to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The careful workmanship of the belts is sought-after in the componentistic: tanning leather is vegetable or chrome All the buckles are produced with controlled materials, all respecting the Italian and European regulations.

The braces are made of fine fabrics and materials of different types, such as cotton, satin and jacquard, reflecting the quality standards of the company. The clip, at high resistance, are made from materials that comply with the regulations already mentioned above.

We offer our customers high quality products, made with care, following the old craft traditions, inputting innovative raw materials which result to satisfy the needs of current and future market.

The careful stock management, and the dynamism of the service, to allow Valentino Sardella, to satisfy in a very short time, in serving the needs of customers with our products “prompt delivery”.

Mario Sardella at work.